Networked Fire Alarm & Mass Notification System


Secutron MMX

Secutron’s MMX Series Intelligent Fire Detection, Alarm & Mass Notification System supports the latest in code compliant Fire Detection & Alarm / Mass Notification solutions.


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The MMX’s advanced fire alarm and detection capabilities enables fast and accurate early warning detection and alerting for building occupants to save lives and protect property.

MMX’s almost limitless configurations enables emergency planners to leverage emergency communion though MMX’s integration capabilities such as broadcasting through multiple tiers and modalities.

Mass notification provides real-time information and instructions to people in a geographic area, site, or building installation providing intelligible voice broadcast communications along with visible signals, text, and graphics, and often includes multiple wireless smart communication modalities.

Secutron’s combined MMX series & Open GN Workstation solution is capable of delivering time-sensitive information to hundreds or thousands of people. This solution integrated with your infrastructure will get the message out efficiently to protect lives and property.

Universities, colleges, business and government continuity planners have begun using Fire Alarm/ECS/MNS to expedite crisis responses beyond the standard fire protection focus. The MMX series is provided as our commitment to the needs of these facility stakeholders.

The Secutron R&D team’s vision is to provide a market-leading performance and economy focused Fire Alarm/MNS system structure in full compliance to UL-864 and NFPA-2010 Chapter 24 installation requirements. This vision has now been realized and as such is available for enhancing the life safety and emergency communication capabilities of your facility today.

There are many benefits to the MMX series, listed below are a few examples:

  • An enhanced tactile response operator interface is provided in the form of a 4 x 20 character LCD with an easy to read numerical keypad. This ensures that the MMX is engineered to be both intuitive and responsive during off-normal emergency events;
  • MMX’s modular design provides almost limitless freedom to configure local, group and global control and annunciation where it is needed
  • The MMX provides the ability to configure up to 4 LCD display/control chassis in a single node. This solution is perfect for providing discrete fire alarm annunciation on one LCD display and in the same enclosure we can provide MNS/ECS visibility and control on an adjacent LCD display. If multiple buildings are monitored for both Fire and ECS operation the 4 LCD display/control chassis in a single enclosure provides incredible user value.
  • MMX’s unique system architecture provides market-leading performance and economy in the widest range of different system configurations. Examples of large and small platform configurations are as follows:
    • Networkable and stand-alone addressable fire detection and alarm system with fire specific emergency voice broadcasting;
    • Networkable and stand-alone Public Address/Voice Address (PAVA) system structure for full in building tier one emergency communication audio broadcasting
  • The MMX installs easily, with minimal set up time. Technicians comment regarding how elegantly easy the MMX is to configure via onsite laptops when additional requirements are requested by the Engineer of Record;



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